Webinar Registration Confirmation

Thank you for registering for one of our Webinars!! 

The link to enter the Webinar has been sent to the email address you used when registering

Please follow the steps below to have the best training experience:

  1. Add [email protected] to your email contacts to help avoid the reminder emails going to your spam folder. 

  2. Use Chrome as your browser. It allows for the best online training experience.

  3. Update your calendar with the event’s details and sign in 10 minutes before the webinar starts to check your audio and/or speakers.

  4. If you plan on using only your phone to access the training, you will not get credit for the class. You will need to download the GoToWebinar app to your phone. Without the app the system cannot confirm your attendance. Without this confirmation, JC Code will not be able to upload your CEU hours. 

  5. JC Code allows for an attendee to log in 5 minutes late and still receive full credit for the class. If you log in later than 5 minutes from the stated time of the presentation, you WILL NOT receive credit for the class. Please be prompt in logging in. 

If you have any questions, email [email protected]